Say YES to Safe Sleep for BABIES
Updated Guide and Toolkit for Continuation and Expansion of West Virginiaís Infant Safe Sleep Educational Program Through Hospitals, Home Visitation Programs and Other Community Partners

Thank you for accessing our site for information about how to plan, implement and maintain Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies, an infant sleep safety initiative in West Virginia to educate expectant parents and parents/caregivers of infants up to age 1 year.

We have tried to make the information comprehensive and have included guidance and tools that are useful to existing and new organizational partners throughout West Virginia.

The Guide and Toolkit is updated based on lessons learned since the programís inception in 2013-14 and best practices from a variety of sources. It will be further updated as new information becomes available.

The goal of Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies is to make infants as safe as possible in their sleeping environment and prevent sleep-related injuries and deaths of babies under the age of one.

Click here to download a PDF of the Guide and Toolkit.

  • Document 1 provides a brief synopsis of background information about the umbrella program, Our Babies: Safe and Sound, and its expanded component, Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies, along with a description of the Guide and Toolkit. 


  • Document 2 describes a summary of the pilot phase, subsequent expansion and future directions of Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies. It includes information about hospitals and home visitation programs currently participating.


  • Document 3 provides a summary of readiness strategies for initiating, maintaining or expanding Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies at local sites, including a detailed checklist of preparation factors.
  • Document 4 provides detailed information about progressing to implementation or continuation of multiple educational messaging through multiple partner organizations. It includes descriptions of initial, reinforcement and community education environments and corresponding educational strategies to reach expectant parents and parents/caregivers of infants; a review of available educational tools; and information about local site staff roles.

  • Document 5 is a toolkit of additional helpful resources and supplemental materials to use in the Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies initiative and includes:
    1. Program Overview: Phases and Schedule
    2. Participation Agreements
    3. Roles and Responsibilities of Partner Organizations' Key Contact Persons
    4. Categories of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)
    5. American Academy of Pediatrics Infant Safe Sleep Guidelines
    6. Samples of Infant Safe Sleep Policies/Standards of Care
    7. Samples of Infant Safe Sleep Practice Audit/Assessment Tools
    8. Staff Orientation Training PowerPoint Presentation
    9. Overview of Conducting the Staff Orientation Workshop
    10. Online Training Module for Staff
    11. Overview of In-Home Family Education/Home Visitation Program Partners & Contact Information
    12. Discussion Points for Providers of Prenatal and Initial Education for Parents/Caregivers
    13. Discussion Points for Providers of Reinforcement Education for Parents/Caregivers
    14. Cribs for Kids®
    15. Sample Press Release Template
    16. Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies Pilot Process Evaluation Report
    17. Say YES To Safe Sleep For Babies Pilot Outcomes Evaluation Report